Happy Monday Everyone!

Today marks the first in an occasional series that I’m calling “Multi-Toys Monday.”

Starting in 1988 and lasting into 1993 or so, the Multi-Toys Corporation released a slew of Oz merchandise in time for the 50th Anniversary.  Now, for a kid like me, this was a HUGE HUGE HUGE deal.  In fact, my first exposure to Oz was the film around 1989, and I remember the Multi-Toys displays in the toy stores being jam packed full of awesome merchandise…but that’s a story for another time.

Amongst the varying assortments of dolls, action figures, playsets, and various other things that range from “Awesome” (Lunchbox!) to “Well that’s just weird” (Baby stroller) was one item that I wanted more than anything: The Ruby Slippers.

However, there was one small problem…I was a boy and it was the early 90s…which meant no Ruby Slippers for me.  To be honest, if I had received them, I would never have taken them off (even when I did get home) and it would have just been a disaster.  But I desperately wanted them.  My friend Becky had a pair, and she’d let me wear them when we played at her house (rare, but still awesome), but it wasn’t quite the same as owning my own.

In my teen years, I picked up the readily available pair that Rubies Costume put out, and while they were nice…they weren’t *the* ones.

As the years have gone by, I’ve never actually made the decision to purchase a pair. There were other priorities, or they were offered at a price that, while perfectly fine, just wasn’t what I felt like paying.  You know how that goes.

Well, I snagged a pair, in the box, at a very good price…and at long last, the Ruby Slippers are mine.

There is a variant of these shoes, where one shoe is on it’s side, and I believe it was actually the first version released..but in terms of packaging and design, I’ve not seen a difference.

The Ruby Slippers!
Please note: One Size does NOT fit all
Notice the Diary in the picture? That was never released.

Does anyone else have happy memories of these shoes?  Seen other variants?  Let me know in the comments!

Ozzily Yours,



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