Hello Everybody!

Welcome to “The Art of Oz!”

This blog is meant to be part supplement to my YouTube Videos as well as a place for me to share some artwork I love, some research on different editions, and various other random things related to Oz.

Some background information about me:

Give Me Your Munchkins, Your Winkies...
The Statue of Oz Liberty? Me in 2015

I’m 31.  I’ve been a fan of Oz since 1989/1990 (we aren’t 100% sure, my memory places it in 1990, my mother would disagree), and while I have read a handful of the books, I have never read them all.  Until now.

In January of 2017, I decided I would read my way through the Famous Forty books at the rate of one a month.  But then, a strange thing happened.  I was successful with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz but not with The Marvelous Land of Oz…so it became more of a read them as best I can.  At the same time, I decided that I wanted to vlog my efforts, thus creating Garrett of Oz on YouTube. So, following each finished book, there is a video with my thoughts, reactions and general musings about the book and some background to it as well.

“But, wait Garrett!” You might be thinking, “Are all of the books still in print? Do you even own them all?”  Well, Gentle Reader, fear not.  While the Baum books are still in print, and a handful of the Thompson books…the rest have fallen out of print.  But that is ok!  I also collect Oz books!  In fact, my goal was to read as many of them in vintage editions as possible! So while Lucky Bucky in Oz and Wonder City of Oz have fallen by the wayside, I have copies that I can read already!

So, that brings me to the purpose of the blog, and why I hope you will stick around.  The blog is, in some ways, meant to supplement the vlog.  I will be offering some more discussions on things I either didn’t feel were germane enough to the video to expound upon there, things I felt warranted more discussion than I wanted to go into with the video or my third category: miscellaneoz.  (Eat your punny heart out, Frank).

The Miscellaneoz category is actually where the blog is getting it’s title: The Art of Oz.  This is where I’ll share some of my favorite pieces of art from Oz books, some domestic and many foreign.  I’ll also throw out tidbits on the books I have, illustrators I like, and maybe even some actually researched discussions!  Also reviews of new Oz things because why the heck not? It’s my blog!

Anyhow, please feel free to comment, discuss, and give me a holler!

Ozzily yours,

Garrett of Oz


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